Thursday, April 9, 2009

Roaming Around Tooele Utah With My Grand Daughters...

Hi,.. I'm in Tooele Utah with my Son's Family this week. Not that I ever go anywhere.. cough cough!! :) We decided to take a ride and take some photos this afternoon. I bought them some small digital cameras. Becca 10 and Megan 6. Well.. I got lost. They said OH NO! I said.. no worries there is always something to photograph where ever you go. I told them I bet I'll find them something even cooler then the junk yard I was going to take them too.

So.. at that point I found a street called Lamb Lane. I hung a right and headed down it. bumpity bump.. Out in the field it was filled with sheep and baby lambs. We headed out of the car and all three of us started shooting. :) I grinned.

Then the sheep herders called them in.. We got back into the car and I drove down the lane a bit more and we parked the car and got out and photographed the goats.

All of a sudden.. a gate at the end of the street opened up and all the sheep started down it.
It was amazing. The girls and I were right behind the gate. The sheep well the were herded on either side of my parked car right in the road!! LOL.
Ty, the boy that dad owns the sheep came and talked to us. What a cutie! I promised him I would name a photo after him. So.. This one is Ty's Sheep Herder & Sheep.
Susan Signing Out....

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