Friday, April 10, 2009

The Most Photographed "House" In Tooele County!

Yep.. That's what it's touted to be. We saw this farm house.. if you can call the remains of it that, on a calendar a couple of years ago and just had to track it down.
So now every time I go to Tooele to visit my kids I go and photograph it again. I love it. I have it snow covered mostly as we generally get here in December.
Today when I arrived I was so lucky to meet another photographer that was doing a shoot on the property. She invited me to join her so I could get up close and personal. What a treat! Turns out she's a personal friend of the man that owns the property and had permission to shoot on it.
I was so very excited. Needless to say I took a ton of images.
I've attached just a few. I hope you enjoy. Oh.. the one with the rusted barrel. Well.. I loved it. When I learned about photography at school they always said.. look at all sides. You might be surprised at the photo on the other side. Remembering that I walked on the other side of the barrel and I took the second shot you see. Amazing huh!! Never ceases to amaze me. I love photography!! Oh... There was a huge wind storm a couple of weeks ago. The front part of the house has blown down. How sad! In the back you can see the lake in Stockton, Utah. Oh and the train that pulled thru about 6:20 pm.. Signing Off.. Susan

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