Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Long Beach Aquarium Photographers Day

I got an E-mail from one of the camera clubs I belong telling of an upcoming photographers day at the Long Beach Aquarium, know as The Aquarium of the Pacific. That sounded good. I had been to that Aquarium several times in the past but it's pretty hard to get good images. Kids are running all over the place, you can't have a tripod, everything is against you. But how many photogs were going to be there? Having hundreds of people running around with cameras, all wanting to shoot the Jelly Fish at the same time could be worse than a bus load of kids.

Well, I signed up. It was in the evening, 6-9PM after normal hours. It just happened to be a few weeks before the Long Beach Auto Race, so a lot of the streets were closed and it was a little hard getting to the parking area but we got there just at 6PM. They were clearing out the regular patrons and all the photographers were gathering on one side where a table was set up where Canon and Nikon would loan equipment for you to try. I was still a little concerned there might be too many pepople with cameras running around but the event turned out to be well organized. Still don't know how many showed up but at most of the displays you could get in and photograph, all the photograpers were considerate. The Aquarium had people to come and clean the glass if it got messed up--they even gave everyone a cloth baby diaper to do your own cleaning. Yes, the Jellyfish exhibit was full of photographers but if you waited a little while you got your turn.

Nice thing about this event was you could have tripods, light stands, reflectors and no one really stood in your way of getting your images. I've choosen to post a couple of images of other photogs at the Aquarium. Had a great time and think I may have gotten a couple of good pictures. (LC)

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