Saturday, April 4, 2009

Civil War Reenactments

Susan and I like to shoot pictures at the Civil War Reenactments. Here in California they seem to have one every few weeks this time of the year. We enjoy doing people pictures so we have a lot of people to choose from. A lot of our photographer friends are not into people pictures. I find that most landscape and travel photogs tend to feel uneasy shooting people. I find that events such as a reenactment is a great place to practice. Most of these people are use to the large crowds and people snapping away. About a month ago we went to one at Calico, the old mining ghost town just north of Barstow, CA off Interstate 15, the road to Las Vegas. Normally when you go to Calico, you expect to see all the old buildings and a few people dressed in western outfits. It was strange to look around and see hundreds of Civil War soldiers. We got there right at opening time and it was cold. It had snowed the night before but was melted by the time we go to town. Some of the soldiers that had camped out indicated it was pretty cold.

Because Calico streets are very narrow, the war machine took up most of the town. The Yankees were on the north end of town with a encampment near the old school house. The Rebs to the south at various locations. Being there early, we got a lot of nice shots before the crowd arrived for the actual battle. The battle took place near the old railroad. The crowd was all over the hill near the bottle house with little room left. Got some nice images of the canons going off and always close-ups of the guys in uniform.
As the day went on, we got tired and it warmed up a lot, so we left after the first battle. We saw a few of our camera club friends from Anaheim, we'll probably share pics later.

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