Thursday, April 30, 2009

There's a New Cowles.. Seleta

Check her out.. cute as can be.. Oh can I say... Grandma is lookin for clothes for me.. please email her. Thanks,


Standing In The Santa Ana River Gettin Wet!

Oh what a way to go!! I wanna do it again and again!! Here's some photos from the Cowboy shoot.
oh btw.. yes I did get wet! I was knee deep in water!! There was about 3 inches of sand in my shoes when i got to my car. I'm going again on Sunday.. wow what a treat!
Susan signing off.. hugs and kisses..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Actions.. They make your life easier a photographer...

Actions.. I've used a few. :) I stumbled across a wonderful set of actions from this great company. I highly recommend them Here's the link. This company has some of the coolest action I've found. They are so easy to use and the owners of the company really nice.
Drew, one of the owners, will go out of his way to make sure you know how to work with the actions. They will even let you send them a picture before you buy the action and will send you a sample of what it will look like with the action run on it. Now that's customer service!!
Check out some of the things I've done with their actions. One thing I've learned is you can adjust blending modes and also opacity and it will give you a different look. Check them out!

Susan Signing out...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

San Miguel de allende, Mexico

San Miguel has got to be one of my favorite places I've ever been on vacation. There are so many things to photograph. We stayed at a wonderful bed & breakfast. Our room was lovely. It was just a short walk (straight up a hill of course) to the center of town.

I'll be posting some of my favorite images from my trip. We did so many wonderful things when we went there. We went on a Photographic tour with Dan Sniffen and John Barclay. Wow 2 great Guys to go with. I highly recommend them if you are looking to go on a photo tour with someone. They are top notch!!

We went to a mining town that was in ruins called Posoz. We went to a Burro Festival.. too funny! (private tours) and we went to Guanajuato. Guanajuato is another city that has homes painted every color of the rainbow. I will make sure I show you some of those photos. The outlook at sunset is rated in the top 10 of the world to photograph.
San Miguel is a wonderful quaint city. Very old and the streets are totally cobble stones and stones and very very narrow. Bring your good walking shoes! But, don't over pack your clothes as you can get them laundered for 25 pesos.. (about $2) for a whole armload of clothes you can carry down there. Washed and ironed and back to you by 6pm. So next time I know.. half a suitcase for clothes and half to bring back goodies! Well here are some of the images that are my favorite. I'll add to them from time to time. Susan signing off. Hugs x0x

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bison... They Were Everywhere!!

OM Goodness!! Did I have fun when I went to Antelope Island in Utah. It's located in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. Here's a few of the images I got. Bison, Meadowlark and Pronghorn Antelope.
oh and other birds too! So much fun. I came home exhausted and happy!! I'll add more pics as I got thru the 3,700 Images I took!!!

Susan Signing off!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Here's a few of my Prado Images.... See above.. Susan..

Civil War at Prado

We,ve shared in the past that we enjoy going to and photographing the civil war reenactments. The one I enjoy the most is the one held in Chino at Prado Park. The park is large so there is a lot of room to spread out. Also being a little bit in the country side with hills in the background, you can get some very nice battle scenes without cars and houses in the background. The area used as a battleground is rolling hills with some nice fences. If you ever go, you will see as you come into the camps, the North is always in the front. You can get so involved with everything that is going on and to photograph, you forget to go back to the Southern camps. they should consider switching it up from year to year.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pictures Of the Family.. Oh My Son's Gonna Love this!

Not!! He hates getting his picture taken. :) Well it's Easter so what does a mother do? Take photos of course!! Here's a few of my family.
Aren't they wonderful!! I'm not prejudice or anything... lol
Tomorrow I'm going to Antelope Island .. I'll share more tomorrow.
Susan Signing off..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Multiple Anyone??

Here's a multiple I did at the junkyard in Stockton Utah yesterday. I tweaked it in photoshop and did some other "Susan magic" and this is the result. Let me know what you think. It's actually 3 steam shovel heads in a field. I was told it looks like a dragon trying to get away fast. :)~ Susan Signing Off...

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Most Photographed "House" In Tooele County!

Yep.. That's what it's touted to be. We saw this farm house.. if you can call the remains of it that, on a calendar a couple of years ago and just had to track it down.
So now every time I go to Tooele to visit my kids I go and photograph it again. I love it. I have it snow covered mostly as we generally get here in December.
Today when I arrived I was so lucky to meet another photographer that was doing a shoot on the property. She invited me to join her so I could get up close and personal. What a treat! Turns out she's a personal friend of the man that owns the property and had permission to shoot on it.
I was so very excited. Needless to say I took a ton of images.
I've attached just a few. I hope you enjoy. Oh.. the one with the rusted barrel. Well.. I loved it. When I learned about photography at school they always said.. look at all sides. You might be surprised at the photo on the other side. Remembering that I walked on the other side of the barrel and I took the second shot you see. Amazing huh!! Never ceases to amaze me. I love photography!! Oh... There was a huge wind storm a couple of weeks ago. The front part of the house has blown down. How sad! In the back you can see the lake in Stockton, Utah. Oh and the train that pulled thru about 6:20 pm.. Signing Off.. Susan

Wild Animal Park Butterfly Exhibit

I love to take pictures of butterflys. Susan and I have been to two Butterfly houses in Canada and one in St. Louis plus a few smaller ones. When I heard that the Wild Animal Park in Escondido was having a temporary exhibit, I had to go. The area for the exhibit was fairly small compared to others I have been to, probably because it is only open during April. I got there at 9AM when it opened and the place filled up fast. There were quite a few nice specimens but because of the small size of the enclosure and so many people, it was hard to get your shots and get to a lot of the butterflys. There was only one walk way through the exhibit, so if a butterfly was not along that walkway, there was no way to get close enough to get a picture. I left the butterflys around 11AM to photograph a few birds but when came back around 1:30 PM, there was a line to get in of over 100 people--I deceided what I had was enough for the day. If you decide to go, get there early. The picture is of an Orange-barred tiger (Dradula phaetusa) (LC)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Roaming Around Tooele Utah With My Grand Daughters...

Hi,.. I'm in Tooele Utah with my Son's Family this week. Not that I ever go anywhere.. cough cough!! :) We decided to take a ride and take some photos this afternoon. I bought them some small digital cameras. Becca 10 and Megan 6. Well.. I got lost. They said OH NO! I said.. no worries there is always something to photograph where ever you go. I told them I bet I'll find them something even cooler then the junk yard I was going to take them too.

So.. at that point I found a street called Lamb Lane. I hung a right and headed down it. bumpity bump.. Out in the field it was filled with sheep and baby lambs. We headed out of the car and all three of us started shooting. :) I grinned.

Then the sheep herders called them in.. We got back into the car and I drove down the lane a bit more and we parked the car and got out and photographed the goats.

All of a sudden.. a gate at the end of the street opened up and all the sheep started down it.
It was amazing. The girls and I were right behind the gate. The sheep well the were herded on either side of my parked car right in the road!! LOL.
Ty, the boy that dad owns the sheep came and talked to us. What a cutie! I promised him I would name a photo after him. So.. This one is Ty's Sheep Herder & Sheep.
Susan Signing Out....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Long Beach Aquarium Photographers Day

I got an E-mail from one of the camera clubs I belong telling of an upcoming photographers day at the Long Beach Aquarium, know as The Aquarium of the Pacific. That sounded good. I had been to that Aquarium several times in the past but it's pretty hard to get good images. Kids are running all over the place, you can't have a tripod, everything is against you. But how many photogs were going to be there? Having hundreds of people running around with cameras, all wanting to shoot the Jelly Fish at the same time could be worse than a bus load of kids.

Well, I signed up. It was in the evening, 6-9PM after normal hours. It just happened to be a few weeks before the Long Beach Auto Race, so a lot of the streets were closed and it was a little hard getting to the parking area but we got there just at 6PM. They were clearing out the regular patrons and all the photographers were gathering on one side where a table was set up where Canon and Nikon would loan equipment for you to try. I was still a little concerned there might be too many pepople with cameras running around but the event turned out to be well organized. Still don't know how many showed up but at most of the displays you could get in and photograph, all the photograpers were considerate. The Aquarium had people to come and clean the glass if it got messed up--they even gave everyone a cloth baby diaper to do your own cleaning. Yes, the Jellyfish exhibit was full of photographers but if you waited a little while you got your turn.

Nice thing about this event was you could have tripods, light stands, reflectors and no one really stood in your way of getting your images. I've choosen to post a couple of images of other photogs at the Aquarium. Had a great time and think I may have gotten a couple of good pictures. (LC)

Jamestown Settlement, VA

While on a recent business trip to Virginia, I had a morning on my own. Where to go and what to do? I had been to Williamsburg on a prior trip so I decided to go to Jamestown. While there is no actual town that currently exist called Jamestown, the site of the settlement still exists. There is also a living-history museum called Jamestown Settlement that is hugh and has more 17th-centry history than you can handle.

On the outside they have several discovery areas that are recreations of a Powthan Indian Village, James Fort and several replica ships of that era, the Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery.
In my photography, I am a people person and love to take pictures of people dressed in costumes of the period. So, I started to the outside. One of the museum docents came out and reminded me there was a whole building full of history and I shouldn't miss it. It was early and they had just opened. I wanted to get to the outside displays and get my pictures before the crowd arrived. I was the only one down there and managed to get my people pics with no distractions. I found the replica ships the most interesting. You will see pictures of Bill who has great knowledge of the ships and how they helped change the world of that time and Gretchen that was willing to pose for this crazy photographer. The Indian village was interesting with the structures but the "indians" didn't look real. The Fort had some interesting displays and the people were great to photograph. (LC)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Multiple Image Feature on Nikon D300

Susan likes to do all types of creative images both in Photoshop and in her camera. She recently got a new Nikon D300 and one of the creative features is mulitples. You have to go into the menu section to find it. You can set your camera to do multiple exposures up to 10--the camera will process them and you get a final image in your camera that is a combination of all the exposures. Here you will see one of Susan's multiple images from a recent trip to Mexico. She did this one with 9 exposures. If you have a Nikon D300, you should check it out. I'm sure some of the other higher end Nikon cameras also have this feature.

Civil War Reenactments

Susan and I like to shoot pictures at the Civil War Reenactments. Here in California they seem to have one every few weeks this time of the year. We enjoy doing people pictures so we have a lot of people to choose from. A lot of our photographer friends are not into people pictures. I find that most landscape and travel photogs tend to feel uneasy shooting people. I find that events such as a reenactment is a great place to practice. Most of these people are use to the large crowds and people snapping away. About a month ago we went to one at Calico, the old mining ghost town just north of Barstow, CA off Interstate 15, the road to Las Vegas. Normally when you go to Calico, you expect to see all the old buildings and a few people dressed in western outfits. It was strange to look around and see hundreds of Civil War soldiers. We got there right at opening time and it was cold. It had snowed the night before but was melted by the time we go to town. Some of the soldiers that had camped out indicated it was pretty cold.

Because Calico streets are very narrow, the war machine took up most of the town. The Yankees were on the north end of town with a encampment near the old school house. The Rebs to the south at various locations. Being there early, we got a lot of nice shots before the crowd arrived for the actual battle. The battle took place near the old railroad. The crowd was all over the hill near the bottle house with little room left. Got some nice images of the canons going off and always close-ups of the guys in uniform.
As the day went on, we got tired and it warmed up a lot, so we left after the first battle. We saw a few of our camera club friends from Anaheim, we'll probably share pics later.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Now I have it, What do I do with it?

I've thought about doing a blog for a long time but haven't taken the time--until now. I am a photographer, doing all types of pictures, commercial and for hobby. I hope to use this forum to share some of my images and feelings about this interesting way of seeing.

My website is We mainly do studio type photography, family portraits, children and specialize in beauty portraits. We also do a lot of pet photography. Through this blog, I hope to share some of our work and how we do it.